Welcome to the Brain Chiggers Campaign page. This is, unfortunately, a dead game, so please do not send me email to see if you can join. The Brain Chiggers Campaign started with a small little one-on-one PBEM game that I've been running to pass the time with a friend of mine. Since then a couple other people joined in, but ultimately it's kinda died. I established this page so people could see what I'd done with it, since I have mentioned some of the stuff on the Amber Diceless Mailing List.

Dear God! What Have I Done?!

September 25, 1998
I've finally put in the Cosmology section that had for a long time just been a broken link. I've also put in Under Construction pages for pages that didn't already have one. I've also done some updating to the Cast page.

As of June 17, 1998

people have been infected with brain chiggers.

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