The Powers That Be
  • GM - Andy Paik
Player Characters - "Let's posse up, home boys." Canon NPCs - Old school posse in effect, y'all.
  • Benedict - Currently besieged by enemies of his from the past, but claims to be winning.
  • Bleys - Believed to be plotting. Last seen threatening to mind rape Egon and Aramis.
  • Brand - Recently returned to Amber. Whereabouts unknown. Believed to have obtained the Jewel of Judgement.
  • Caine - Thrown into prison by Martin under suspicion of being part of the death of Martin's mother. Beleieved escaped.
  • Corwin - Found by Noel, protecting his Pattern. Noel's distracting him allowed the forces of Chaos to infect him with Chaos Cancer.
  • Deirdre - [Presumed Undead]
  • Dworkin - Has been convinced that death never was. Is now trying to sleep.
  • Eric - Has returned to proclaim himself king of Amber. [Presumed Undead]
  • Finndo - [Presumed Undead]
  • Fiona - Trying to deal with the Arawn problem, and learned that Corwin has been infected with Chaos Cancer.
  • Flora - Currently taking care of comatose Random and Vialle, and hiding from Eric.
  • Gerard - Advisor to Martin. Believed to not be in the best of health after changing into an icky looking Chaos form.
  • Lintra - Back from the dead, and raising armies against Amber. Yee-ha.
  • Llewella - Ubiquitous bitch. Martin was going to place Pete in her grubby mitts for examination. Current caretaker of That Which Once Was Merlin.
  • Martin - Self-crowned King of Amber. Insane. Believed to be dead, and then undead right after that. Last seen in a vat.
  • Merlin - Last seen in bite sized chunks for snacking fun after an explosion of primal chaos. Remains alleged to be in the grubby mitts of Llewella. [Presumed Undead]
  • Oberon - [Presumed Undead]
  • Osric - [Presumed Undead]
  • Random - King of Amber, currently in a coma after an explosion of Primal Chaos. Last seen stacking Zs in something resembling a bacta tank.
  • Vialle - Queen of Amber, currently in a coma after an explosion of Primal Chaos.
New NPCs
  • Ares - An old construct, once created to give Benedict a challenge. It's become liberated from its old prison and is back to its old tricks.
  • Arawn - Spotted frequently in Tir-na Nog'th. Egon's new bud.
  • Borcrug - Leader of one of the armies marching through shadow.